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Good Media Inc

Incorporated in 1985 as a Technically focused Music Production company that builds & maintains computers to generate media content in various formats.

Good Music Productions 1980's business card

Partner Agreements

Being located in Toronto, Canada has many benefits, one being that Intel, Apple and Microsoft have “boots on the ground” here, and so too do many other technology companies.

I attend many local Conferences and Trade Fairs every year both physical and virtual, and the people at these events teach me the current direction of their technologies, and how to “build better”.

I am in awe at how fast things are moving, and sometimes that can be fun, and sometimes not – it’s a fine line that requires steady maintenance; and that’s what I do most days; for myself and for the people who trust and enable me to do that work for them… as a service called “

Vintage Networks and Servers

Good Media Inc is continuously refining independent methods of delivering content using the internet hosting services of GoodMedia Online Inc. ->

To do that, Good Media Inc has Partner Agreements with:

APC / Eaton
Kerio Technologies, Inc.
OpenText / FirstClass

Scott Goodfellow attended every possible course at Apple Canada in the 1990’s, and eventually Good Media Inc operated as an independent Apple Dealer and Apple Authorized Service & Repair Technician until Apple's own Apple Stores eventually dominated.

Good Media Inc also has Reseller Agreements with:

Ingram Micro
Tech Data
TuCows (OpenSRS)

As a Domain Registrar (reseller with TuCows), I register new domains, and transfer and manage existing domains. I host these domains on GoodMedia’s 3 domain name servers (DNS machines).

With the domain securely locked down, I'm then able to Administrate secure email accounts & web sites using GoodMedia’s custom built, clustered machines. Currently all tech marketing describes these kinds of services as “Cloud” hosting, but in fact the core services have been exactly the same for over 30 years.

This works because GoodMedia sticks to core services and is entirely owned and self contained. Over the years, deliberately "keeping it simple" has turned out to be a Good Thing; there are smart people hosted here who appreciate their privacy, and as such, they help keep the competition (Google, Apple, Microsoft and Amazon) at bay…

iPhone Chips
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GoodMedia OnLine Inc

Incorporated in 1991 as a Pri­vate Hosting “Cloud” for DNS, Mail and Web data.

GoodMedia's first completely Solid State Server

GoodMedia is Pri­vate “Cloud” Host­ing.

GoodMedia is literally a cluster of virtual machines served on a cluster of physical machines that are connected to the fibre backbone of the Internet, in a downtown Toronto data centre.

GoodMedia securely hosts and man­ages private core internet ser­vices, as required by all businesses and entrepreneurial individuals.

GoodMedia provides a specialized and more personally focused service when compared with the large providers, who typically sub-contract hosting services as a subsidized sideline.

GoodMedia enables you to move your internet connection source (like Bell & Rogers in Canada) seamlessly between internet providers around the world, with no effect on your core services; domains, email & web.

Hosted eMail:
OpenText FirstClass
Kerio Connect

Hosted Web Sites:
Open Source – PHP
Microsoft – .NET
Adobe – ColdFusion

Hosted Domains:
Reseller / Registrar with TuCows (OpenSRS)
4, Microsoft DNS Servers
Active Directory

Hosted Databases:
Apple FileMaker Pro
Microsoft SQL
Oracle MySQL

Hosted Files / Storage:
FTP Sites for Backup

Hosted Virtual Machines:
WIN Server 2012 Datacenter
Windows 10 / Mac OS

Computer Networking

GoodMedia Networks and Servers

Beyond the Administration of setting up an individual or a company on GoodMedia OnLine, (or even independently of GMOL), there is often the necessity of providing hardware, software, setup, configuration and consulting services that enhance a client’s ability to more effectively use the Internet in general, and GMOL specifically, with all Desktop, Laptop and Mobile devices.

Scott Goodfellow as Good Media Inc., has been working with computers since 1982 and has accumulated an extensive knowledge base and depth of experience with hardware and software, equally across all versions of Macintosh and Windows operating systems, including supporting applications and utilities, with an emphasis on Media production.

With computers continually changing, Scott custom builds and delivers a "turn-key" solution; personally configured machines using the most efficient computer components available at that time.

He maintains and updates corporate computers and personal devices, by updating drivers, applications, operating systems, hardware firmware / BIOS updates, etc…

Quality specs in a planned hardware purchase and ongoing maintenance ultimately saves people a lot of time and money in the long run.

The result is a faster more efficient and reliable machine that stays in service longer by having increased compatibility with current software and security standards, and thereby a happier / less frustrating experience for the client.

GoodMedia clients typically exist via “word of mouth” as there has never been any form of advertising, so clients often tend to know of each other and so use GMOL to more easily work and collaborate together.

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What I Do

Scott Goodfellow, Network Administrator

Computer Consulting and Administration

As the rise of Technology completely changed the Music industry, I eventually adapted by building a business around helping people adapt to constant technical change, by reliably doing a client's network administrative work over long periods of time (decades). I do the work that most people find boring and time consuming.

I manage people's admin details; (id/passwords for mail, domains, ftp, etc), and help maintain their hardware and software upgrades, (BIOS / firmware updates, etc). All the "technical" things that most people don't want to / care to, or are just simply not able to manage by themselves anymore… that's when they find me…

All Good Media Inc billing is only for Time and Materials (hardware and software) as a private, personal consulting service. I can log into your network remotely or go on site, in person.

All GoodMedia OnLine Inc billing uses reoccurring payments for dns, mail and web hosting services.

Turns out that helping people is a good business model over time; for many it's been a long tech journey:

Change Management

These direct personal services eventually grew into building, deploying and administrating networked devices as a business; I also administrate Barracuda, Cisco, Sonicwall & Watchguard firewalls plus numerous dns, mail, web, ftp & database servers, then manage the file access, user accounts and backups as a personal service for people called "GoodMedia".

It's a complete, one stop package for some clients, while others only need occasional help with a few specific things. Different people do different things differently, and I learn to adapt to each client's individual pace. I build new, or upgrade existing client devices, machines or servers, toward achieving more efficient and secure working methods.

I constantly learn, maintain, build, fix, upgrade, and solve a range of technology issues for people, “for a living”. Every day is different - by design.

Intel  / WIN10 SSD Client builds with 1990's GoodMedia servers in background

My daily work is to solve and complete large and small technical projects for GoodMedia OnLine Inc., and I apply that accumulated experience as Good Media Inc to offer very reliable cloud data services to people who appreciate and value the privacy of their data, including personal mail and web browser accessible data.

I am able to discuss a client’s individual working methods and requirements, and then match them with current technologies of the day.

Included; is long term private data management & administration - a less visible but highly valued service for people who don't want to manage annual domain and ssl certificate renewals (for example).

Scott Goodfellow offers the sum of years of technical experience to acquire, configure, deliver, monitor and maintain a client’s home and office data network, for all WIN10, Mac OS client and server devices, on a hourly, daily, monthly, and annual basis.

Many current clients have been hosted on GoodMedia since its inception in 1991. Being on call 24 hours a day and running data servers the size of GoodMedia OnLine for over 30 years has provided solid lessons in how to listen carefully to people's issues, to then provide disciplined, consistent results over time.

Toronto ON Canada

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